Fall of 2013, I began to study nursing in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. At first, it was difficult to “know” about Puerto Rico due to my short language and cultural difference. However, as I get used to the place and people, I could see so much beautiful cultures, people, and places. Therefore, I decided to write a blog about this beautiful “Rich Port” island and tell the world about it.

20 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico


Every place, there are some things that you will never get unless you live in that place. You cannot FEeeeEL them unless you are feeling in, on, or with it. Now, I want to give those feelings that I felt and currently feeling from this beautiful island, Puerto Rico, to YOU.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you are coming to Puerto Rico for the first time, you would most likely land on San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. It is beautiful, historic, and active city of Puerto Rico. Let’s learn more about San Juan airport, flights, weather, hotels, attractions, islanders, restaurants, rentals and more.

Things to do in Puerto Rico

What are some things to do in Puerto Rico? If you are looking for a vacation in an emerald beach, peaceful place, beauty of nature, place to learn Spanish, or others, Puerto Rico is the place for YOU. Here are some exciting things to do in your dream place, Puerto Rico!


“Energetic,” is one adjective that came into my mind when I thought about Puerto Rican culture. Only two months later after I arrived, I enjoyed the Thanks Giving in Puerto Rico which soon lead to the long Christmas season. It was amazing to see how people enjoyed freely and passionately what they have. Many events take place such as dinner parties, decorations, and festivals. One of the entertainments I enjoyed was the Puerto Rican dance which took place in Mayagüez downtown. The following video is what I took under the cool beautiful night.

Puerto Rican Dance – Feliz Navidad!


Attraction: Beach

The Culebra Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful islands I have every visited in my life so far. I am pretty sure there are many places that boast their beauty and vistas of stunning hills and beaches. However, because this place gave me so much more than just beautiful beaches and amazing dawn, it remains one of my favorite places that I want to revisit. The island gave me memories of friendship and love, and it allowed me to find the awesomeness of God’s love once more. Indeed, I am revisiting this June 2014, and I am looking forward to feel much more of the greatness of nature. Here are some pictures of Culebra while I was enjoying the peace.


One of the things that worried me was food. What if I cannot adapt to the food? Do I have to starve from hunger and ultimately suffer from malnutrition? Well, to me, the Puerto Rican food was perfect because my main dishes are rice and vegetables. Most Puerto Ricans eat rice and beans (habichuela) and salads. Moreover, there is a food named ‘mangú,’ and many people whom I met love it and eat them as their main food. Some people say that it came from Dominican Republic. They say that in the old times, the whites who came to DR were amazed after eating ‘mangu’ and said, “wow man, (it’s) good!” Of course, there are many meats and fish products as well; I am looking forward to write some posts about the Puerto Rican dishes while I am in Puerto Rico. The following photos are tostones and

[14 Nov 2014] * Edited Intro, Added “Preface”